Logo Embroidery and Ordering/-Sale Terms 

logotextil.com – BordadosTradingPost s.l. (also referred to as “we”) 
and you as customer (also refferd to as “you”).

We supply all clothing and textiles with logo embroidery.
Embroidered logo that is sewn into textiles is recommended for best results, durability and an exclusive look.
Especially on Polo Shirts, Caps, Fleece, Jackets and Softshells or the like … will embroidery over other logotypes such as print emphasize the logo or text further.

Logo small sizes are around 30-110cm2 used for simple logos, names or slogans on a side chest, arm, smaller logos on caps …

Logo medium size is around 120-240cm2 suitable for most logos, larger text on back, chest hoodies and sweatshirts and some high profile caps and towels or large bags…

Logo large size is over 250cm2 and is used for large embroidery on heavy fabrics mostly on back of outer jackets, heavy sweaters…

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Logo Size and price (including one-off cost for logo design digitalization) are preset and displayed/- calculated in the designer.

Want more logos on one garment, very big logo or slogan on the back … ?? Contact us for help and individual pricing according to your requirements.

Remember embroidery of logos as well as text is best from vector graphics while images (especially photos) become more difficult as the result is less 3 dimensional while only the main features without all the small details in relation to print appear.
For visual info on how the embroidered logo of text, emblem or image looks check out our references on website or instagram where finished logo embroideries are displayed from graphics and pictures.
Also, Images and Colors of products displayed on our website logotextil.com may vary due to lighting conditions as well as individual display settings on your PC. If you are unsure whether the color of the product or embroidery meets your needs or expectations, contact us in advance for clarification or sample dispatch.

Delivery time varies according to order size (quantity of products / embroideries and embroidery size) but is on avarage usually between 15-20 working days after approved proofing of your desired customization. Provided the desired item is in stock. Fast delivery or urgent ordering is possible but must be arranged in advance in case.

Ordering can be done online (fastest ordering process) or contact us for offers by phone or email.

Payment can be made via Credit Card (fastest).
Otherwise, you can check for invoice billing at checkout in the Shopping Cart and we will send you an invoice.
(Invoice payment of private individuals must be made in advance and your order – ref. number must be specified on the wire transfer).
For businesses, open invoice payment for 14 days (assuming the business is creditworthy).
Large business orders and split payments – terms agreed individually. (contact us).

After ordering, we start digitizing your logo-design for embroidery and send you an image by email for proof of approval before final production commences.

Shipping costs for delivery or return (if return is confirmed / accepted) are charged to the recipient (unless “free shipping” is specified for special offers and promotions).
We use Correos, DHL, UPS or Schenker and all shipping is done with tracking.

All quoted prices (product as well as embroidery prices) on logotextil.com are in Euro (€) exclusive of VAT (excl. VAT)  and exclusive shipping costs which are added and displayed in shopping basket before check-out / payment.

We have a required minimum quantity for ordering on all products which is shown in first price line on product page.

Return and Cancellation
Our goal is 100% satisfied customers and each item is checked for any product defects before it is sent to you.
In addition, we will contact you and send correction for approval of the desired customization (logo design) before final production starts.
We sell customized products according to customer’s “your” wishes / demands and can therefore not refund orders as soon as goods are put into production or delivered unless the product has a product defect. (Also remember that in relation to the “Distance Trading Act” there is no regret time period for goods made or adapted to the customer’s “your” demands and specifications once customization has started and been applied).

Before sending an order it is therefore important that you check the order in relation to the product number, size and your logo information carefully. (Note: Always check sizes before ordering as there is no such thing as a “standard size”! We supply branded clothing from different manufacturers, all of which have their individual dimensions of sizes. 
If in doubt or uncertain regarding product sizes, embroidery sizes and exact color specifications please contact us before ordering).

Please understand we cannot accept cancellation and refund requests for your order after the design process, customization and production is underway. This usually happens between 24-48 hours after your order is placed.
We also reserve the right to charge for any fees such as design costs, inventory management, payment fees or other costs incurred at the time between your order placed (payment received) and any cancellation request received.
If you have any questions before ordering, regarding delivery, the product or logo embroidery contact us as soon as possible so that our team can help you and clarify in advance.

For longer delivery times and possible delays on our part due to peak-season production, holiday times or production errors, we will contact you immediately and if possible in advance.
At the same time, please understand that we cannot be responsible for delivery delays that occur due to unforeseen events or circumstances such as adverse weather conditions, problems/delays with transport companies or any of our suppliers that may affect LogoTextil’s sales delivery. Thank you for your understanding. 

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Prices Promowear & Textiles with Logo Embroidery

Product price by quantity per piece (found on product page).
> Plus Design € 22,- (one-time cost per logo for design digitization and trial)
and embroidery of logo by size per piece (see table below).

  Logo Small   
(max. w./h. 10x14cm)
Logo Medium
(max. w./h. 14x21cm)
 Logo Large   
(max. w./h. 21x29cm)
per pc.
€ 7,-
€ 8.20,-
€ 9.80,-

Price example with product price € 40,-
5 products à € 40 = 200 + 22 (design) + 35 (small logo embroidery 7,- per piece)
= total: € 257,- (51.40,- per product incl. logo embroidery) 

Logo size, embroidery price incl. design cost is calculated during design.
When purchasing product without logo embroidery, only the product price is paid.

Prices quoted are excl. vat and shipping
which are added in cart before check-out.